What is Pranic Healing?

Sean now offers Pranic Healing treatments at his Maroochydore clinic.
Pranic healing can be used for spiritual, psychological and physical conditions. As it works by treating the patient through their bio-energetic network, it is a drug free treatment and clothes do not have to be removed. It is very non-invasive.

Sean will use his connection to Energy/Prana, via his hands, to absorb and project the prana (life energy) onto areas of the aura (bio-energetic network) where the patient’s own energy is diseased, depleted or congested, removing the bad energy and replacing it with fresh energy. Results are often immediate. Because Pranic healing works on the energy body, it is able to pick up potential disorders or illnesses before they manifest in the patient. Each treatment session is tailored to the condition and specific combinations of energy colours and vibrations are used in order to effect a treatment.

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