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Massage therapist Sean White at Physiocare in Maroochydore John McCutcheon
Massage therapist Sean White at Physiocare in Maroochydore
John McCutcheon

Rebecca Marshall – Sunshine Coast Daily

30th Jul 2013 12:20 PM

Sean has his business future in his hands

SEAN White doesn’t like to use the word “proud”.

But if you launched a business six months before a global financial crisis, and that business is still flourishing today, pride should be the overriding emotion.

His Acquiesce Massage turns four next month, and what a fiery baptism it’s been.

“If you cast your mind back to 2009 and 2010, it was pretty grim, especially here on the Coast,” he said.

“I didn’t feel it as much although my projections were very much deflated. But my mentor (Rod Richards) was saying it was a positive, a lot of businesses were coasting along in good times and perhaps they found it harder to adjust to the economic downturn.

“He said at least you haven’t fallen from a great height, and it made me fight that little bit harder to stay in business.

“I do feel surprised and pretty positive about the character I’ve built over the last four years. It’s matured me as a person, a therapist and as a business person.”

Mr White said his business was less reliant on mobile bookings compared to the early days, and he had now aligned with Physiocare on Wises Rd to offer in-clinic massage as well.

Pregnancy massage is something of a speciality, a skill he honed with his wife during her two pregnancies.

He also treats car and horse-riding accident victims and others with sciatic or neck and shoulder strain.

“It’s not life or death, but it’s improving people’s quality of life.”

Mr White has taken short courses in bookkeeping and marketing over the years to hone his business skills.

He said the GFC experience had taught him the importance of resilience, flexibility and improvisation.

“In four years time I definitely like to think there’ll be a physical premises with a sign up out the front.

“That will give people more of a complete experience, to manifest the vision I’ve got for Acquiesce.

“I always wanted it to be a collaborative, holistic approach where every muscle is connected with another part of the body.

“Even the word acquiesce… people would start thinking what does that mean, how does it relate to me and how can I surrender to the process more?

“It’s more of an ethos about surrendering and being open to being released, which delivers the best end result.”


Remedial massage improves circulation, reduces muscle tightness and breaks down adhesions and the build up of scar tissue.

All of these can affect performance as well as a general sense of well-being.

“It is much better to be aware and prevent injuries from occurring first,” Sean White said.

“Rather than suffering from the pain and discomfort after activity, it makes sense to avoid injury by having regular massage while training and for recovery purposes.

“This will help to optimise your performance and achieving your goals in whatever sport and fitness level you aspire to.”

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