Divine Integration Balancing the Soul with the Body !

ENLIVEN to your true Self, as a being of immense character and Beauty, made by God. Let me help you find yourself, the challenges you are destined to face and the strengths you have, to face them.

In areas of Spirituality and Discernment, allow myself and the Divine Agents of Compassionate Truth to help GUIDE you to get clarity and direction.

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The Breathe-Release Meditation

The bridge between the Divine and the Mundane, the Cosmic and the Granular, Meditation opens the channel to allow cleansing and balanced activation of our Presence to become more Present. Allow my training and experience in Meditation and Energetic Healing to help take you Home.

Mediation can be thought of as an opportunity to restore a better balance between Spirit and Flesh, Mind and Body, Soul and Personality.

The Service on offer is a very specific type of Meditation that encourages infusion of the Highest Spiritual Energy in the process of releasing previous outdated energetic patterns and motivations. You can read more here.

Whatever programs that you were "running", whatever emotional knots you felt you were bound by would be now loosened so that you can now step freely into the Life you were truly destined to Live. And that literally creates a sequence of tiny miracles in and around the World...which then comes back to you.

Healthier, more Sustainable and Loving ideas and decisions can now be made with confidence from one moment to the next.

A deeper Peace and broader Joy will flood in and enable you to now truly nourish yourSelf and all those around.

This is how we Change the World..in fact this is how we have been creating the world all along !

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