Wholistic Alignment : an Acquiesce Intuitive Session

You were drawn to this page because on some level you are forgetting some part of your Wisdom, Intelligence, Will and/or Compassion. Through my own Life lessons which Evoked my innate Spiritual leadership abilities, coupled with Energetic Guidance and Balancing skills, I am able to facilitate the re-ignition, recovering and restoring of your balanced Life, Inner spark and Divine sovereignty.

What you can expect in an Intuitive Session...

These Intuitive Sessions typically start with a brief consultation to zone in on the area of growth which is required in your current Environment. Clear Intuitive direction will then be guided to us to facilitate those steps and manifestation of Healing and Growth. A thorough Energetic cleansing of your Aura, including your Etheric Body (where much of the 'muddiness' can be found) will then be performed. Sound Resonance may be used in this step, as can Crystal assisted Energetic healing.

Before you leave the room it will become self evident that you feel you have changed, but in actuality you have not changed, but become more of yourSelf.

Whatever programs that you were "running", whatever emotional knots you felt you were bound by would be now loosened so that you can now step freely into the Life you were truly destined to Live. And that literally creates a sequence of tiny miracles in and around the World...which then comes back to you.

Healthier, more Sustainable and Loving ideas and decisions can now be made with confidence from one moment to the next.

A deeper Peace and broader Joy will flood in and enable you to now truly nourish yourSelf and all those around.

This is how we Change the World..in fact this is how we have been creating the world all along !