It’s important to create the best environment for your healing and to do this I am giving you some tips:-

1. Lay off the naughty foods and drugs for at least 3 days before seeing me. Yes, the coffee, nicotine, chocolate etc etc. I would ask that meat consumption be reduced as much as possible. especially Pork. Also, cheese and diary products. This will allow your body to dedicate all its efforts to healing rather than digestion.

2. Increase your intake of water, vegetables and fruits. Room temperature, preferably (fruit and water). Be prepared to make a show of commitment to the healing.

3. On the day of treatment be prepared to take your shower/bath 24 hours afterwards. Choose your appointment time and week’s events accordingly and thoughtfully. The energy is subtle yet it absorbs into your cells, tissues and organs. Bathing will disperse and dissipate the residual healing energies unnecessarily and prematurely,

4. Visualise your life and the world getting better and better. Don’t overthink it, just go with that. Believe in a life of miracles.

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