Nurturing the Mind and Body Connection

Would you like to experience a massage treatment which also liberates trapped emotions and allows a more balanced response to your life’s challenges and opportunities?

There is a real and scientifically documented observation that links what we feel and how we act to our environment. Life is about choices and how we respond (or react) to any given situation. The events which shape our character are generally buried within our muscles and other organs and carried (for better or for worse) around with us in our day to day lives.

There are many healing modalities and massage techniques which specialise in emotional release and energy balancing. These have tended to be on the periphery of medically accepted treatments but these days society has been recognising the results of such practices and the results which have been catalysed through them. What much of science has not recorded, and perhaps unable to record and therefore show, are the effects on people’s decision making ability.  There is wide acceptance of the virtues of relaxation massage and the lowering of blood pressure, relief of anxiety and promotion of regular sleeping patterns, but the effect of these types of modalities on the person’s desire and ability to self preserve and function well emotionally (and psychologically) in their family and community is less easy to appraise and judge.

And perhaps it is only in hindsight that you can best judge the significance of these sorts of treatments in improving your ability to respond to life issues and lifestyle matters.  Still, it is possible to do so; yet it is likely that any results are anecdotal and highly personal accounts that may be so totally unique and subjective that it may never be truly able to be put into a scientific paper, let alone garner the levels of respect and acknowledgement by health funds and medical journals. I certainly am no better off in recording these measures of success and effectiveness either, though I do have a degree in Science and therefore one part Scientist. What it comes down to is anecdotal evidence and empirical recognition, that is you have to experience it to measure it’s success for yourself (this type of non-scientific support does not currently satisfy Health Funds, as modalities like Aromatherapy have recently found out!).

But that does not stop practitioners like myself from practicing massage with the full acknowledgement that we can also work on the emotional body, not merely the physical body. In fact it is widely accepted that most people judge a medical doctor on their bedside manner more than the university they attended. Many of us already choose the practitioner based on their ability to tap into “us” and bring forth healing and comfort. I figure I may as well make it clear and perhaps encourage some people power to embrace it, regardless of what certain sections of the community would have us believe (or not believe).

Through conventional remedial massage techniques, focussed and mindful breathing plus drawing on my Reiki experiences I can offer my clients a deep massage that is not necessarily a deep tissue massage. Clients frequently learn to release frustrated emotions, physical restrictions and tightnesses, and mental obscurities. Then truer feelings of compassion, peace, lightness and clarity innervate mind and soul allowing the body to loosen and reset to a truer blueprint of health and ease.

‘Sean’s massage was one of the most effective I have had and all I wanted was to find someone with the same magical skill in Brisbane.  His intuitive approach and incorporation of reiki is so good.  He is a truly gifted massage therapist who tunes in to his client’s needs very quickly.  I wish he would move to Brisbane!’

Roxanne from Pinjarra Hills, Brisbane

‘Just a short note to let you know that I haven’t been pain free for years. Such a great relief. Thanks for the massage.’

Peter from Buderim

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