remedial massage

Finding the balance

Whether we are at work or play, the last thing we want is to be injured or suffer unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Just as important as preventing injury is looking after the aches and pains we already have so they don’t become chronic and debilitating.

Work and competitive sport are part of our everyday experiences. Working physically hard, undertaking repetitive work, or simply having fun or taking part in local cycling, swimming or triathlon events for charity often results in stresses, strain and injuries.

Remedial and therapeutic massage is a natural way of looking after ourselves and maintaining an active lifestyle.

It is used extensively in the rehabilitation of work, sport and accident-based injury, and in the long-term maintenance of debilitative and chronic conditions.’

Common injuries from the workplace, such as neck pain, overuse injuries and lower back pain can all be assisted by remedial massage techniques. Likewise, sports massage therapy has become a standard regime in big sporting clubs, and for sporting events or personal fitness goals that require extensive training.

Remedial massage improves circulation, reduces muscle tightness and breaks down adhesions and the build up of scar tissue. All of these can affect performance as well as a general sense of well-being.

It is much better to be aware and prevent injuries from occurring first. Rather than suffering from the pain and discomfort after activity, it makes sense to avoid injury by having regular massage while training and for recovery purposes.


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