Acquiesce Celebrates 10 years

It is Acquiesce Massage’s 10 year Anniversary this Spring.

To all our past and current clients: THANK YOU for keeping me in business, and allowing me to pursue my goals for these amazing 10 years!

A big thank you My Wife, Alana our beautiful children, Sienna and Malikai. And, final thanks to my Mum. Happy is!

Recent developments at Acquiesce include expanding on the Mind-Body connection with Clients to allow increasing ease in whatever condition they were presenting at the clinic AND the use of Red/Infrared Light Therapy Technology for a myriad of Tissue and Physiological applications too long to list here. The clinic has had great successes with a range of pathologies, from Bursa healing to resolving Insomnia. Exciting times !

And ask me about my new Healing Breath meditations in which I’ll continue to share the wealth of knowledge and experience you have helped me acquire. Many of you already have been introduced to these, on the table during each treatment. Unlock and Unleash the power of “consciousness into flesh” in a one-on-one or small group session.

From the Ancient Esoteric to the Scientific Technological, Acquiesce is growing every year.

Things are moving really fast here at Acquiesce.