Sports Massage Referee blowing whistle

Want to train at a higher level?

Sports Massage Referee blowing whistle

‘With a career in the fitness and sports training industry  spanning more than 20 years I feel that I can speak with some authority when I recommend the services of Sean White. Sean is unique in his approach to sports massage and always manages to address the source creating the problem resulting in low function of muscles and poor posture. Regular sessions with Sean have increased my ability to train and function at a higher level and have become a large part of my exercise and wellbeing routine.’

Frankie from Pacific Paradise

Sports massage assists in delivering you and your body to it’s optimal event-focused state. Whether it is joint restrictions, myofascial tightness, over-use syndrome, muscle spasming, cramping, corking or any other of the multitude of sporting injuries, Acquiesce can help you get back in action sooner and stronger than ever.

When you require recovery massages from your training, pre-event directed massage or specific post event massage sessions, we are here to help.

So book a Sports Massage today!



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