As an Acquiesce client you are guaranteed Continuity of Care. Which means every treatment is noted and treatment plans are adhered to throughout your stay with me, as your trusted Remedial Massage Therapist. I am able to refer to other practitioners, and if need be supply them with detailed transcripts of your treatment and progress. This is the highest of industry standards. The Acquiesce CoC also means you see the same therapist every visit !

In an Acquiesce initiative, I have developed The Commitment Club, which means you are eligible for discounted treatments through each 12 month period. This is designed to keep you on track with your mobility and wellness. For your 12 month period, you get 10% off your 4th treatment, 15% off your 8th treatment and 20% of your 12th treatment – now that makes good sense. I want to reward you for your commitment, and that’s my commitment to you.

This initiative includes Pranic Healing, Massage & Intuitive Sessions. Because Health and Wellness is not so much a destination, but a Journey.